The Church, Online Evangelism & The aXiom Network

The local Church remains God's "primary" conduit of grace to the Lost

Should You Add "Road Swaps" to your Church website?

Answer this question, "Is it better to have Bibles placed in hotel rooms where strangers can have access to the Gospel in the anonimity of tens of thousands of hotel rooms where the Spirit can use them?" If your answer is no then there's not much on this site that will interest you. See The Need

However, if it IS better then it should be equally, or more important for an evangelical Church to provide the Gospel to those who seek spiritual succor in the anonimity of the world wide web?

Afterall, The aXiom Network is a type of digital version of Bible in hotel rooms. Except that the focus is not on hotels but on the Local Church who does the ministering to those who make a decision for Christ.


The aXiom Network has built into its ministry model the centrality of the local Church and integrates it into the process of both evangelism AND discipleship. We believe the local congregation should be the beginning, middle and end of evangelism and discipleship.

The aXiom Network encourages every Gospel believing, Christ-centered, evangelical fellowship to make a stand for the gospel online in order to strike a blow against our enemy and reach out to those in spiritual need.

The aXiom model very successfully enables the local congregation to provide the Gospel with Road Swap Gospel Templates and the means to attract the New Believer to its services through FREE distribution of follow-up materials and direct invitation to worship with them next Sunday). This grows both the individual and the Church!

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Whether one looks at size, facilities, staff, location, income, programs or any other criteria there will always be differences among Churches. However, all Churches have the perogative and, by God's grace, the wherewithal to live in obedience to the Great Commission in a way that optimizes its impact in the community and now, with the internet, around the world. But, in addition to the Gospel itself, your congregation has one strength no print, online or broadcast ministry has.

Relationships: As strong advocates of relational disciplship aXiom has built into its discipleship model the expectation that true spiritual growth occurs, along with the supernatural work of the Spirit, in the context of loving Christians loving others into spiritual maturity.

"When someone makes the momentous decision to follow Christ and our response is a tepid Email followed by suggestions to visit more websites for "virtual follow-up", it is not, in our opinion, appropriate, adequate or biblical discipleship. Unless integration into a local congregation is the result these poor souls are left "cyber-floating" in spiritual obscurity on the world wide web. Mei genoito!"

As an aXiom Network Pastor, when someone contacts you to inform you they have trusted Christ or want to know more, you would naturally want to draw the new believer into fellowship for follow-up and discipleship with your local congregation if they live in your area,

If they're not able to attend your Church, then, as an aXiom member, you're able to refer them to an aXiom Church in their community that displays the aXiom icon. Knowing you're referring them to another aXiom Church gives you and them the confidence that they and their family will be mentored and assimilated appropriately.

Accountability: One of the critical benefits of your Church providing initial contact, follow-up and long-term discipleship is that those who interact with new believers are trained by and responsible to the pastoral team (overseers) of your Church. The mentor's preparation and qualifications are assured because they too have been or are being mentored by leaders in your Ministry.

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* The Disciple Making Pastor, Rev. Bill Hull