FAQs: Church, Online Evangelism and the Web

What is The Romans Road and why did you choose it for your Gospel presentation?
The Romans Road is based on Paul's Book to the Romans. Many consider it his magnus opus with more depth and breadth than nearly any other book in the Bible, especially for the New Testament period.

The Romans Road, sometimes referred to as The Roman Road, we've
shortened it to "The Road" to make it a bit more contemporary, is
one of the most beloved and familiar Gospel presentations available.

Others, including The Bridge (Navigators), Four Spiritual Laws
(Campus Crusade for Christ), Steps to Peace with God (Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association) and others, are copyrighted and not available.

Since it is based 100% on Romans we felt any copyright the Apostle Paul might have had has probably expired. Try Thumbnail Link at right to see current Road Swap Template

Do you keep records of those who complete Decisions Cards?
Yes, we keep permanent records of each Decision a) in the event your Church loses or deletes Decision Card Emails, b) to monitor abuse of duplicate requests, c) to monitor system activity (decision counts, prayer needs, site analytics, traffic, locations, etc), d) to encourage Churches about their follow-up, successes, challenges and questions e) in order to share with current and potential aXiom members about membership, anecdotes and decisions for Christ.

How can you say The aXiom Network is "the most significant opportunity since Pentecost for local Churches to succeed in its evangelism mandate"?
We simply mean that with the ubiquitous presence of the web in the lives of nations and individuals around the world, which will only increase in future decades and centuries, that not since Pentecost has the Church had a greater opportunity for as many "eye-balls" to see a clear presentation of the Gospel as now.

And, the Church had better be prepared as this and future generations will only increase their search for Truth online. While we don't believe The aXiom Network is the "final word" in local Church online evangelism we do believe it's a critical step forward to help the Church get into a position to minister online for years to come.

What do you mean that The aXiom Network supports the ministry of the "local church"?
When an individual visits your Road Swaps page and receives Christ as Savior their Decision is directed back to you so your Church can provide the necessary follow-up and fellowship to confirm and strengthen their new life in Christ.

Our desire is to act as a conduit between individuals and your Church. With Road Swaps we provide the technology you need to develop and maintain your Online Evangelism ministry.

Road Swaps Gospel Template are also valuable for those in your fellowship to share with friends and family any time. If you use overhead projectors in your services it's very easy to project Road Swaps onto the screen and preach through the Gospel once a quarter or so. We provide other suggestions to enhance their use during your subscription period.

Shouldn't we be focusing on building relationships rather than simply exposing strangers to the Gospel?

We continually come back to our purpose and goal: "Where else would someone seeking Eternal Life look than to a Church? And, how else will this and future generations look for a Church than online?" They may visit your website but NEVER visit your Church. Why not offer salvation in every possible venue the Church has at her disposal and leave the results to God?

"We believe it would be a lost opportunity if thousands of U.S. Churches who proclaim the Gospel to their members and visitors fail to incorporate into their online ministry the very reason they exist, namely, to make disciples; starting with offering eternal life to the growing numbers of Online Seekers."

Therefore, "Is it better to make the Gospel available online where the Spirit can use it to help those seeking spiritual succor...or not?

We believe that, despite good efforts by parachurch groups, the assembled Church has a fundamental role to play in this technological revolution. We also believe that, until now, there has been no viable online opportunity for the local Church to have an evangelistic impact.

We strongly believe it would be a lost opportunity, frowned upon by heaven itself, if the resources of and universal internet accessibility to thousands of U.S. Churches, who proclaim the Gospel to their members and visitors, failed to incorporate into their online ministry the very reason they exist, namely, to make disciples; starting with offering eternal life to the growing numbers of online Seekers.

Can our Church, Organization, Business or Personal website still be an aXiom Member if we have the Gospel on our site but don't use "Road Swaps"?
Yes, of course, We encourage every believer to add the Gospel to their websites. Road Swaps are, we believe the best way to add color, beauty and relevance to your site but any non-copyrighted Gospel presentation is acceptable.

Are Members who use "Road Swap Gospel Templates" required to purchase materials from you?
Absolutely not! While we do recommend our Members optimize their online evangelism ministries with an initial
Starter Pak purchase that includes all the tools needed to create and maintain an effective evangelism ministry, there is never any requirement to purchase anything.

How will adding aXiom links to our website affect our site?
aXiom links will not alter the appearance or funtionality of your website at all. To create an entire online evangelism ministry simply copy and paste a single line of code you receive upon Registration anywhere into your site.

"It's time evangelicals unite in a common vision, technology and prayer to reach this generation and those that follow with their only Hope of Eternal Life? aXiom is committed to providing the first two and with 100,000 websites represented by Churches, Organizations, Christian businesses and individuals we believe the third WILL be achieved as well."

Will having Road Swaps on our website really reach the Lost?
The web is, for the most part, a passive technology, much like tracts left for someone to pick up and Bibles in hotel rooms. On the web you can't simply hand someone a tract, preach them a sermon or discuss the gospel over a cup of coffee. But you can do the next best thing; namely, make it possible for them to providentially "find" the Gospel on your Church's website.

From that point, we'll simply trust the Holy Spirit to do with the Gospel what He may. The Gospel on your website may be the "shortcut" that the Spirit wants to use to guide and direct those seeking Salvation.

We can offer something of a guarantee however; that if Church websites don't make the gospel available there are that many fewer opportunities for the Holy Spirit to draw people to Christ. If individuals around the world do make an attempt to find Christ online then at least you can be sure aXiom Churches will be faithfully, if silently, doing what they can to make a difference in lives.