Commonly asked questions

1.  Doesn’t your vision exceed your ability?

Response: Yes! In every way imaginable!

2.  Why “Road Swaps” for a the name of a Gospel presentation?

Response: The presentation we use started out focusing primary on the beloved Gospel version called Roman Road the used powerful verses solely from the Book of Romans. As we moved forward, and in discussions with those who acted as consultants, we decided to broaden the scope to include more than just Romans. The term “Swaps” is use because we regularly “swap” the images to make it relevant to seasons, Christian holidays, etc.

3. Your comment about USChurchInfo.com being part of TheaXiomNetworkTM and its work with Navy chaplains as a rationale for starting USChurchInfoTM is pretty compelling. How can I learn more about this?

Response: We are very excited to have USChurchInfo.com onboard as the third component of our challenge to reach out to communities and the world at large. You can find more information at USChurchInfo “About Us” page.

4. How will I know when someone makes a decision to put their faith in Christ if they don’t complete the Online Decision Card?

Response: Regrettably, you won’t; not unless they show up at your Church door next Sunday morning. Which is yet another reason why you and your church should be praying for those who visit your Road Swaps page. Some will read it and turn away; others will read it, put their faith in Christ and fail, for one reason or anther, to complete the Online Decision Card. Others, we hope, will read, believe and complete the ODC. So, as you can see, all three types of people need your prayers and intersession. You may never know this side of heaven who the second type of person is until we stand rejoicing before Him someday. But, imagine the joy you will share together and with all you ministered to through Road Swaps.

5. What if some prankster fills out the ODC with “inappropriate” data or comments?

Response: The answer is not “if” but “when”! There are simply those in this world who will show no respect to you, your church and/or your faith. But, as a reminder; 1. we live in a fallen world, 2. some from that world will visit your site and revile you, who you are and what you do and 3. this is yet one more motivating factor for you and those in your church to pray for them and all those who visit your Road Swaps page in their fallen state and mock and revile you. (see I Peter 2:23). For this and other reasons we suggest ODC responses be directed toward spiritually mature Believers in your fellowship.

6. Why don’t you allow Churches with their own Gospel pages on their sites to become members of The aXiom NetworkTM?

Response: There was considerable discussion about this and it was decided to limit members to those who use our Road Swaps. It’s not because we don’t welcome any and all who follow Matthew 28:18-20 in loving obedience to spread Christ’s offer of Salvation. It’s simply that with Road Swaps we can control the quality and content of the presentations. We go to considerable effort to align materials with our own standards and vision in tandem with our Members for effective online evangelism and we have no control over if, when or how others maintain their site pages. So, while we do limit membership as stated we also encourage all Churches to Register for Road Swaps or put their own Gospel page on their site.

“We believe it would be a lost opportunity of cataclysmic proportions if thousands of Churches fail to incorporate into their online ministry the very reason they exist, namely, to make disciples; starting with offering eternal life to the growing numbers of Online Seekers.”

7. What have been the biggest obstacles to recruiting Churches to put the Gospel on their websites?

Response:. There are several reasons why online evangelism shouldn’t work but we believe we’ve solved most of the issues. First, of course, is the expense of paying someone to create a separate page, and Decision Form, that for many Churches is prohibitive. We’ve made it very cost effective (less than 5¢ a day!), easy, fast (instantaneous upon completed Registration), a powerful Gospel presentation, encouraging communication to key individuals who share the responsibility for evangelism in the local fellowship, tools and supplies and even a means by which one Church can immediately find another Church at USChurchInfo.com that shares your vision for the Lost.

What we cannot solve is the lack of urgency and vision by some Churches who either don’t feel they can share the Gospel for whatever reasons or they’re sure their Church is doing all it can or should. If the modern U.S. Church is doing all it knows how to do and is satisfied with their success then based on the small number of conversions we hear about it would appear the Holy Spirit isn’t doing much these days. Me’ genoita!

8. What do you mean that The aXiom NetworkTM supports the ministry of the “local church”? You’re an internet based resource.

Response: When an individual visits your Road SwapsTM page and receives Christ as Savior their Decision is directed back to you so your Church can provide the necessary follow-up including Biblical Assurances and fellowship to confirm and strengthen their new life in Christ.

Our desire is to act as a conduit between individuals and your Church. With Road Swaps we provide the technology you need to develop and maintain your Online Evangelism ministry. None of your Road Swaps page visitors will ever know TheaXiomNetwork is in any way supporting your online ministry anymore than they would know who supplies your Sunday School materials or your pot-luck pots & pans.

9. Shouldn’t we be focusing on building relationships rather than simply exposing strangers to the Gospel?

We don’t believe the American Church can or should choose one over the other! We continually come back to the questions that force us to answer what is our purpose and goal; eg, “Where else would someone seeking God look than to a Church? And, how much harder will it be if that Church isn’t providing the message of Hope for Eternal Life? And, how else will this and future generations look for a Church than online?”

They may visit your website but NEVER visit your Church. Why not offer salvation in every possible venue the Church has at her disposal and leave the results to God? Many Churches will dedicate and sacrifice hundreds, even thousands of dollars and hours to VBS, vans, musical programs, etc. but fail to give them the Truth the need most. The choice is simple; namely, is it better to make the Gospel available online where the Spirit can use it to help those seeking spiritual help…or not?

We believe that, despite good efforts by parachurch groups with a small handful of Gospel pages available among them, the assembled Church has a fundamental and numerical role to play in this technological revolution. The sheer number of Churches who want and need to grow make it “axiomatic” to us. We also believe that, until now, there has been no viable online option for the local Church to have an evangelistic impact and especially knowing they’re Networked with 100,000 kindred Churches.

We strongly believe it would be a lost opportunity, frowned upon by heaven itself, if the resources of and universal access to, thousands of U.S. Churches, who claim the Gospel as they’re “raison d’etre”, failed to incorporate into their online ministry the very reason they exist, namely, to make disciples; starting with offering eternal life to the growing numbers of online Seekers.

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