The 3 Keys to Successful Online Evangelism

"Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web"

Key 1: Add the Gospel to Your Church Website Key 2: Time Tested Follow-up Materials Key 3: Building a Network for aXiom Members

Key 1: Recognition
> Initial Discovery of The Gospel <
Add our "Road Swap Gospel Templates" to Your Church Website
- FREE Version Available -

Key 2: Reaching Out
> Invitation and Grounding <
Time Tested, Biblically Sound Follow-up Aids & Discipleship Materials

Key 3: Responding
> Integration and Growth <
A national referral Network for like-minded aXiom Members

The International Director of The Navigators said, "The potential for would seem to be enormous! Well done! May God bless it, and all of you who labor with The aXiom Network."