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Now your online ministry can provide anyone looking for spiritual answers with the same hope of salvation and faith in Jesus Christ that we all cherish; whether they're in your Church, your Community or around the World

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* * Road Swaps Gospel TemplatesTM clearly explain The Gospel so your site visitors can know how to receive Eternal Life

* * Road Swaps Gospel TemplatesTM become a tool available to the Holy Spirit for His ministry 24/7/365

* * Road Swaps Gospel TemplatesTM are designed to integrate the New Believer into your Church to be grounded and to grow in their new relationship with Christ and His Body

* * Road Swaps Gospel TemplatesTM use beautiful layouts to stay fresh and relevant and while notifying you of Decisions for Christ and Prayer requests

* * Road Swaps Gospel TemplatesTM enable disciplers in your Church to have access to the Gospel so they can minister to family and friends anytime, anywhere

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Evangelism Today: Status Critical | Solution Crucial

Problem 1: Our Churches aren't growing

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 20 years or so, you know that most Churches, even evangelical Churches, are not growing. Those that are growing usually do so through "transfer growth", those who move to a new community or want a new Church experience rather than "organic growth", i.e. adding new members by winning the Lost to Christ. Evangelicals need to reexamine the process of attracting new growth and more clearly distinguish between those "outside the Church" and those "outside of Christ".

Is your Church website a resource for the Holy Spirit to use to fulfill The Great Commission? Could He lead a lost soul to your site knowing they'll come face to face with their need for the Savior and His promises of Eternal Life?

Was it really Christ's vision to grow His Body on Earth by "shuffling Christians around" or to reach those who do not yet know Him? The question is therefore, how can we help the Lost in our Communities come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Problem 2: Not being used by Holy Spirit

One of the principle ministries of the Holy Spirit is to draw the Lost to Christ. Yet, one of the mysteries of His ministries is that He chooses to use Believers (and sometimes Unbelievers) as part of His work of Salvation. Doesn't it make sense that in our work to complement the Spirit's minsitry that we provide as many resources for Him to draw on as possible.

It's safe to say that many Churches provide few if any tools for the Holy Spirit to utilize in His ministry as He moves throughout our Churches, our Communities and our World. What's the best way to address this need?

Problem 3: Not building disciples

Among the many personal and spiritual attributes of a growing disciple is one that often seems to be missing today; evangelism, and a heart for it. When was the last time you celebrated with one of your disciples the joy of leading someone to Christ? Is it possible that either we, as disciplemakers aren't training those we are discipling in this crucial skill or they aren't living in obedience?

Problem 4: Not fulfilling the Great Commission

Christ told His disciples to go into the world and "make disciples". And, we, as evangelicals, have rightly assumed that mantel. We desire to continue the work of penetrating our world, locally and globally, with the promise of Christ to provide eternal life to any and all who would believe. Are we any closer to fulfilling the Great Commission, of offering the world the Gospel than before? If so, what evidence is there? If not, why not?

Current Evangelism Approaches Are Only Partial Solutions

Current Solution 1: Pulpit Evangelism

Like you, we have preached our share of evangelistic sermons. Some received greater responses than others. Many Churches today seldom preach the promise of eternal life from the pulpit. Their reasoning usually is based on the idea that the pew helps get people in the Church, the pulpit will help keep them there.

Our seminary professor use to challenge us with this thought about unbelievers attending our Churches. He said, "Why would a stranger come to a strange place to sit with a bunch of strangers to listen to a stranger talk about strange things?" Perhaps, the miracle is that they would attend our Churches at all.

However, the fact remains, before they can hear our wonderful "Three point sermon" about eternal life they have to sit in our pews. Is there anything we can do to help get them there?

Current Solution 2: Crusades

Perhaps millions of Pastors, Church leaders and faithful members have worked in large evangelistic crusades over the centuries. Millions have come to Christ through these exciting and dynamic forms of outreach. However, even these faithful organizations are attempting new versions of old forms, at least in the U.S. What form of outreach will replace or supplement these ministries?

Current Solution 3: Print and Media

In our western culture we are most often introduced to spiritual matters through printed Bibles, tracts, brochures and of course, radio and tv to a lesser degree. For many of those who have come to Christ print media was instrumental either initially or as follow-up materials. Is this, and future generations going to rely on the printed word for learning about the promise of Salvation?

Road SwapsTM technology is so remarkable, layouts so beautiful, and 24/7/365 convenient for pulpit and pew that they won't simply provide new solutions to the Church's outreach, they'll become the cornerstone of your evangelistic efforts.
Current Solution 4: Online Parachurch Organizations

Parachurch groups have moved to the forefront of online evangelism. Several local, national and international groups offer the Gospel to those who seek Eternal Life. The problem is that most nonChristians have never heard of these groups and therefore, are very unlikely to intentionally look up their web address.

And, since they have no physical, logistical means of discipling these individuals and they don't want to risk showing favoritism toward certain Churche these organizations have no choice but merely to "suggest" they find a local Church somewhere, somehow. There's no one to actually invite them or help integrate them into a local fellowship.

Despite their visionary efforts your Church is not likely to benefit from their successes. As a result, hundreds of thousands of U.S. Churches are excluded from this fruitful ministry.

Current Solution 5: Small Groups

For the last few decades there have been wonderful evangelistic tools developed to help small groups and neighborhood studies including "Friendship Evangelism", "Lighthouse" studies and a host of others. These remain a consistent opportunity to share our faifh in a less intimidating format than many others. However, this time-tested format requires considerable resources, consistent initiative and specific places and times. What can the Church provide to those who can't or won't attend a small group?

Current Solution 6: Personal (1:1) Evangelism

This usually consists of two approaches: scatter-gun evangelism (focus on strangers) or friendship (friends/family/associates). And, how many Christians do you know are actively involved in this form of outreach? For those who do see some come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ there remains the problem of follow-up. Those who practice personal evangelism still need a Church to help individuals become part of a fellowship (koinonia).

Current Solution 7: "Event-Driven" Evangelism

"Day of Evangelism", "Evangelism Week", "Emphasis on Outreach" Campaigns are well-intended attempts. But, what happens when the Day is over? While these have their place there's still nothing available by the Church to those who haven't yet, and may NEVER, attend our services. There's usually a massive amount of human investment in these emphases and, as a result, may even reach some.

It's Time For a New Approach for the Next Millenium

Where will this, and future generations look for information about Eternal Life?

A 2010 estimate by ministries who reachout to the online community determined that over 14,000,000 individuals go online seeking spiritual help every week!

The Church must begin to view online evangelism in a way that has never been tried before. Road Swap Gospel Templates, by The aXiom Network, is based on the beloved "Romans Road" Gospel. Digitized for online access, we utilize a remarkable technology that "swaps" or rotates the presentation of The Gospel with beautiful, timely and relevant content that is pleasing to the eye and challenging to the heart of each individual.

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