1 Reason

What if this could be a ministry altering option. There are plenty of reasons to incorporate this opportunity into your Church’s ministry. Pick one…
They include:
  1. God’s Plan Gospel Template is Biblical
  2. God’s Plan is well-designed, beautiful and functional.
  3. An unbeliever can “intellectually” grasp what it’s saying (we’ll leave the spiritual component to God).
  4. This outreach to those without Christ is Free!
  5. This technology in service to the Gospel has not only never been available, it’s never been attempted
  6. Money back guarantee on Installation for 30 days.
  7. God’s Plan Gospel Template is unique and available 24/7/365 for Seeker, Sharer and the Holy Spirit.
  8. God’s Plan Gospel Template can be customized  when it’s convenient for you.
  9. Axiom Network staff is available for support during regular business hours (Eastern time).
  10. Why wouldn’t you be part of the largest evangelistic mobilization of Churches in history
  11. You need to grow from “new” people with less emphasis, intentional or not, on transfers
  12. It’s easy and takes 10 minutes, or less, to install (see Installation Video)
  13. This could stimulate those in your Church to think more about evangelism
  14. It could be a segue into significant evangelism ministry in your Church and Community
  15. Your own customized God’s Plan Gospel Template on your Website would be available for anyone in your Church who wants to share with family and friends when it’s convenient at meals, work, holidays and more…
  16. Your website is your Church’s window to the world, or more accurately the world’s window into your Church, yet most have no Online Outreach for unbelievers in or outside their Church. Now you can change that.
  17. …and more…

Is there ONE reason you SHOULDN’T add God’s Plan Gospel Template to your Church website and launch your own branded Online Evangelism Ministry today?

Please, let us know at Contact Us and we’ll try to respond to your concern.