4 Scenarios

Different Ways Road Swaps is Used

Road Swaps Gospel Templates allows different responses from your Church’s website visitors. Because of the flexibility of Road Swaps you will have one of 4 responses. At best, they will receive Christ as Savior, respond positively using your ODC (Online Decision Card), they’ll be grafted into your fellowship and become fruitful members of the Kingdom.

Scenario 1: Seeker reads your Road Swaps Gospel Template but doesn’t inform you

Person visits your website, reads your customizable Road Swaps Gospel Template + ODC and doesn’t complete the ODC (Online Decision Card). While you may not know whether or not they made a decision for Christ and just opted not to complete the ODC you can at least take comfort knowing your online ministry has provided a means for Seekers to be exposed to the Gospel…and assume the Holy Spirit is moving. (Learn more at Video 9’44”).

Scenario 2: Seeker completes your ODC because they have questions

A visitor to your site may read your customized Road Swap Gospel Template but does not put their trust in Christ. However, they do complete the ODC (Online Decision Card) to request help with a Question. The ODC gives them the option to provide as much Contact Information to you as they want. With your ODC you give them the opportunity to contact you to discuss their interests in eternal life and your church. (Learn more at Video 9’44”).

Scenario 3: Seeker  makes a decision for Christ and completes your ODC

An individual visits your church website, discovers your customized Road Swap Gospel Template, puts their faith in Christ and completes the ODC. Within seconds you receive an email informing you of their decision and they include Contact Information. You are then able to contact them and discuss there decision, invite them to your services and they become a productive contributor to your Church ministry. You or someone in your church trained to do follow-up , uses the Beginning with Christ Assurance Booklet, or a similar tool, to meet with him/her for 5 to 6 weeks to discuss the promises of Scripture about God’s promises and assurance. (Learn more at Video 9’44”).

Scenario 4: Seeker makes a decision for Christ and completes your ODC…but he/she doesn’t live in your community

The “Network” component of TheaXiomNetwork: Someone from outside your community providentially visits your church website, makes a decision for Christ and completes the ODC with Contact Information. You contact them to discuss their decision but you realize they don’t live close enough to your church to benefit from your ministry. Of course, you want to help them in their spiritual walk so you go to USChurchInfo.com* and find another aXiom Partner/Member in or near there community and suggest they visit that church. (You can also ask their permission to contact that church pastor and tell them about their decision and suggest they contact him/her and try to transition them into their church.) (Watch a 4 minute video about using USChurchInfo in your ministry at Exploring USChurchInfo).

* To see how USChurchInfo helps with referrals view our fictitious city of Axiom, PA. You’ll immediately recognized fellow aXiom Members by the “100,000 Logo” next to their profile.

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