About Us

This About Us page is really not about us!

It’s about those thousands of Church men and women who live and love faithfully those in our communities and the world at large and believe their flocks and beyond deserve the same promise of Eternal Life they enjoy…and even occasionally take for granted.

It grieves me to write this because like most Christians, I never believed this would happen in our lifetime. Our intent is not to paint an alarmist, bleak picture of the future. But, we believe, there are reasons for concern. And, if we’re wrong, then the worse that can happen is the Gospel receives more exposure Online.

More and more social media venues are shutting down or curtailing conversations about political and spiritual matters they disagree with, especially Christian conversations. Their reasons, of course, are our message promotes “hate speech” when we say all people are sinners, among other things. We know this is absurd but we don’t control the levers of these platforms.

Many Churches have staked their entire Online Gospel outreach on SM platforms that may someday, sooner than later, deny them a presence, at least unless or until they compromise their message to the point of being unrecognizable in order to satisfy the “gate keepers”. Will the Gospel ever be entirely expunged from social media? Probably not, not entirely. But, how much is too much? The legal issues surrounding this censorship are yet to be worked through and will likely take years to arbitrate through the political process but what happens in the meantime?

And, in the end, these issues may not be resolved in our favor. We should be prepared for that day starting today! Is it wrong to say at this point that as our society seemingly becomes more and more secular and hostile to eternal truths the Church must be careful about how much faith we put in the tools, mainly social media platforms, many of us use to disseminate the Gospel? Spaces we assumed would be available are demonstrating increased hostility to our message.

Put the Gospel on your Church’s website where you control the message and accessibility and see how the Spirit uses your refocused, reinvigorated Online presence to draw others not only to the Gospel but to your Church. Provide your members and staff 24/7/365 uncensored accessibility to what you teach is the most important message of your ministry.

Thank you,

Rev. Don Walley, Director