CMS Menu Installation

Easy Menu Installations

*We strongly recommend you first try out our fully functional “God’s Plan (Demo)  Gospel Template on our Menu before installing your widget.

** If you don’t find your CMS platform installation video below just use the Contact Us form and let us know. We’ll try to create a 1 minute (or less) video and let you know.

After completing Registration just copy your widget and paste it into your CMS menu/navigation area. (see Customizer video) just follow along with these videos and it should take two minutes or less to create your own OEM (Online Evangelism Ministry). Feel free to Contact Us with questions and comments.

We created a few very short videos (below) of the top CMS web building platforms used by Churches to help you install a menu item on your website. If you use a CMS not listed here please let us know at Contact Us and we will try to add it as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page walks you step by step how to complete the simple DIY Installation. If you are unsure how to complete this process you should contact your webmaster or use our Professional Installation services. (See your My Accounts page and click on Downloads button to find the blue Professional Installation button. We cannot be responsible for errors you make while installing widgets. (Video)




  (Video) (Coming soon…)









Wix (Video)







GoDaddy /GoCentral (Video)






Squarespace (Video) (Coming soon…)




 (Video) (Coming soon…)