Commonly Asked Questions

1. Doesn’t your vision exceed your ability?

Response: Yes! In every way imaginable!

2. Why isn’t God’s Plan Gospel Template a phone app instead of a web app?

Response: The principle reason God’s Plan isn’t a phone app is because of the obvious social and technical limitations. A phone app limits social interaction because in most cases a phone app can only be shared between two people: one person has it downloaded on their phone and is willing to share it and the other is the listener. That is also the technical limitation; e.g. it only works on a smart phone. Our view is that as a webpage it is available anywhere, anytime for everyone and on any digital online device including a smart phone. Only the Holy Spirit is needed to guide a person to your Church’s website where he or she is confronted with an attractive, intelligent and Biblical presentation of God’s Plan for receiving eternal life. But it is also available to be shared between friends, family and receptive people of all types, anywhere, anytime.

3. How do we customize our Gospel Template after initial set up? (See our 9’44” Installation Video for help.)

Response: This is one of the most convenient aspects about customization of your Template:

When you want to change any information on your God’s Plan Gospel Template including typos, tagline changes, Pastor’s name, add staff name, etc. (Limited to 35 characters)

  1. Log into your My Account page with Email and Password (when you Registered. You can reset your password here as well)
  2. Click on Download link in left sidebar
  3. Click on the blue Customizer button at the top of the Download List on the right
  4. Make any changes you want including selecting a different Header Video or Tagline (Pastor’s name, motto, short Scripture verse, vision statement, city & state, etc.)
  5. Save changes & Refresh your Template page (You do not need to re-paste your widgets!)


4. Your comment about USChurchInfo.com being part of TheaXiomNetworkTM and its work with Navy chaplains as a rationale for starting USChurchInfoTM is pretty compelling. How can I learn more about this?

Response: We are very excited to have USChurchInfo.com onboard as the third component of our challenge to reach out to communities and the world at large. You can find more information at USChurchInfo “About Us” page.

5. How will I know when someone makes a decision to put their faith in Christ if they don’t complete the Online Decision Card?

Response: Regrettably, you won’t unless they show up at your Church door next Sunday morning. Which is yet another reason why you and your church should be praying for those who visit your God’s Plan page. Some will read it and turn away; others will read it, put their faith in Christ and fail, for one reason or anther, to complete the Online Decision Card. Others, we hope, will read, believe and complete the ODC. So, as you can see, all three types of people need your prayers and intersession. You may never know this side of heaven who the second type of person is until we stand rejoicing before Him someday. But, imagine the joy you will share together and with all you ministered to through your Online Gospel.

6. What if some prankster fills out the ODC with “inappropriate” data or comments?

Response: The answer is not “if” but when! There are simply those in this world who will show no respect to you, your church and/or your faith. But, as a reminder; 1. we live in a fallen world, 2. some from that world will visit your site and revile you, who you are and what you do and 3. this is yet one more motivating factor for you and those in your church to pray for them and all those who visit your God’s Plan page in their fallen state and mock and revile you. (see I Peter 2:23). For this and other reasons we suggest ODC responses be directed toward spiritually mature Believers in your fellowship.

7. Don’t you fear that aXiom will diminish the role of “evangelist” that Paul refers to in Ephesians 4:11?

Download “7 Reasons…” and join our Email string to learn over 20 ways you can optimize your Church’s Online Evangelism Ministry.

Response: The role of “evangelist” is a gift provided to the Church by the Holy Spirit. And, as such, we have no right, no desire and no expectation that would or could happen. On the contrary, we expect that when the local Church is intimately involved with evangelism that those yet unknowingly gifted will have a more ready and able support team to encourage them. In fact, we hope that individual in thousands of local Churches across the U.S. discover their God-given gift of evangelism through their Church’s online evangelism ministry.

8. What other features do you expect to add to TheaXiomNetwork over time?

Response: We are very excited about the near future at aXiom! Three major projects we’re moving forward with is providing a Spanish translation of God’s Plan. We hope to turn it over to our programmers in time for Christmas. There will be no an additional cost. When Copying & Pasting your widget (see Video 9’44” Installation) simply select the version(s) you want *English, Spanish or both) and Copy and Paste the version to add to your site.

The 2nd feature we are currently moving forward with is bringing our ODC (Online Decision Card) up to “ADA Compliance“. This will enable site impaired visitors to your God’s Plan page to learn of God’s love through the Gospel without having to rely on others to help them.

The 3rd initiative we’ve undertaken is a “Scripture Only” version of God’s Plan. The explanations of verses and the ODC will be removed so Churches can take an occasional Sunday worship service to “preach” through the Gospel to their Congregation on a Sunday morning, a retreat setting, youth group or anywhere the opportunity presents itself. By retaining the video (in header), the images and the verses a Pastor can use their own explanatory comments about the verses, use some or all available verses they wish and close with a call for repentance and/or prayer. (Sign up here to download “7 Reasons…” and join our Email string to learn more.)

We want to be as inclusive and practical as possible to present Salvation to every Seeker who uses your Church’s website. If you have any other suggestions how we can improve accessibility to Online Seekers please use the Contact page. We will consider every suggestion if it helps move the Online Proclamation of the Gospel forward.

9. Why isn’t God’s Plan Gospel Template copyrighted?

Response: One of the biggest challenges for most churches to include the Gospel on their websites, heretofore, has been that the best known Gospel presentations, most of which you are no doubt familiar with, are copyrighted and thus unavailable. This makes it very difficult, short of plagiarism/theft, to use any of them. God’s Plan Gospel Template is available to anyone who wants to use it. (See FAQ #2 above). Of course, out of courtesy, we would request they let us know and allow us to celebrate their online evangelism initiative. Anyone can copy and paste it on their webpage, use the Scripture we use or not, add to or subtract from any of the text. (See FAQ #7 above about limited use of our logo at USChurchInfo.com.) Caveat: the images used on God’s Plan are copyrighted and not available.

10. Why does the video header display only an image on my phone?

Response: Sadly, this is the nature of cellphones not our videos. The video is displayed on computers of any type without a problem. We have provided what we believe is a compelling header image that displays on phones that complements the nature of the God’s Plan Gospel Template. (Learn more at Video 9’44”).

However, it is much faster and simpler to simply register for one of our 1 or 2 year “God’s Plan Gospel Template” accounts.