Follow-up & Disciplemaking

Effective Follow-up Begins with Great Tools   

Suggestions for Effective Follow-up:

  1. Mail to Decision Maker: The most obvious and simplest way to minister to a New Believer after their decision for Christ is to contact them and chat about their new life in Christ and let them know you’d like to mail the Beginning with Christ booklet (or some other material) , encourage them to attend your Church the next Sunday and allow you to meet them and help them get settled.
  2. Meet 1:1: Perhaps the most fruitful, and joyful, way to utilize the Beginning with Christ booklet on an individual basis is to complete #1 above and request weekly meetings with the individual overcoffee, breakfast, etc. and discuss each Scripture verse, the overall concept of security in that week’s verse and pray and encourage him or her. Either before or after referring to the verse in the booklet and discussing it we strongly recommend you show and explain each verse in a Bible so they can see for themselves that it’s Scriptural. Point out how this truth can help on a daily basis, schedule your next
    meeting and end in prayer. What a great way to launch a personal discipleship ministry in your Church.
  3. Discipleship Sunday School classes: One way we’ve personally used both booklets is to teach a five week Sunday School class for New Believers. Organize the teaching around each verse, discuss relevant applications and verses, ask how they can apply the verse to their own lives, challenge them to break up into two’s and quote the verse to each other, end in prayer and encourage them to live out the reality of these verses in their daily lives throughout the week. This is one of the most fun and fruitful classes we’ve ever taught.
  4. Sunday Morning Sermon: Pass booklets out as your congregation enters for Sunday worship and then teach/preach through the one verse per week and others, both New Believers and “Seasoned Saints” will be blessed (and will tell you so!). Depending on their own maturity they’ll use the booklet personally for personal edification, teaching their own disciple(s) or giving to friend and family member.

Note: These items are recommended for effective Follow-up with a New Believer but are not Required. If you prefer materials from your Church or denomination you are still invited to become a Member.


One-on-One Follow-up: Meet with a new Believer to discuss their Decision and review Assurances with Beginning with Christ booklet.

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