Follow-up & Disciplemaking

Effective Ministry Begins with Great Content

Suggestions for Effective Follow-up:

  1. Mail to Decision Maker: The most obvious, and simplist way to minister to a new believer after they’ve let you know they’ve made a decision for Christ and want to learn more is to simply mail the Beginning with Christ booklet to the individual, contact them after a couple of days and chat about their new life in Christ, encourage them to attend your Church the next Sunday and allow you to meet them and help them get settled.
  2. Meet 1:1: Perhaps the best way to fully utilize the Beginning with Christ Booklet on an individual basis is to request meetings with the individual over coffee, breakfast, etc. and discuss each Scripture verse, the overall concept of security in that week’s verse and pray and encourage him or her.
  3. Discipleship Sunday School classes: One way we’ve personally used Beginning with Christ booklets is to teach a four to five week Sunday School class for New Believers. Organize the teaching around each verse, discuss relevant applications, challenge them to break up into two’s and quote the verse to each other, end in prayer and encourage them to live out the reality of these verses in their daily lives throughout the week. Pass out copies to each attendee and have them put their names in them and dates each verse is discussed. Add Going on with Christ booklet (below) to create a 12 week series on New Believer principles. Have those on your evangelism team or elders (great way to introduce your New Believers to your Church’s leadership) rotate teaching to reinforce their commitment and excitement. Note: We taught this adult Sunday School series several times over the years and it was always encouraging to have those who had been Christians for many years, even deacons and elders, want to get into the classes.
  4. Sunday Morning Sermon: Pass booklets out as your congregation enters for Sunday worship and then teach/preach through the one verse per week and others, both New Believers and “Seasoned Saints” will be blessed (and will tell you so!). Depending on their own maturity they’ll use the booklet personally for personal edification, teaching their own disciple(s) or giving to friend and family member.



Beginning with ChristTM is an attractive, intelligent, and biblical tool for beginning discipleship. It is part of the Growing in Christ: Follow-Up SeriesTM created by The NavigatorsTM and printed by NavPressTM. It contains a brief introduction to the spiritual life, an explanation of five

Follow-up: Assurances from God – Beginning with Christ

Assurances one receives when accepting Christ and five verse cards in NIV and KJV printed on perforated card-stock for an individual to memorize, tear out and carry with them.

Memory verses include:

1. Assurance of Salvation: 1 John 5:11-12
2. Assurance of Answered Prayer: John 16:24
3. Assurance of Victory: 1 Corinthians 10:13
4. Assurance of Forgiveness: 1 John 1:9
5. Assurance of Guidance: Proverbs 3:5-6

The booklet closes with a brief explanation and encouraging comment about Scripture memory and the New Believer’s spiritual walk. We know it may be the first, last and only opportunity to make a connection with an individual. We believe its important enough to provide the highest quality Follow-up materials.

To order go to Supplies (Free S/H) or Navpress

For additional Discipleship emphasis…

Navigators also offers another great little booklet that’s a perfect follow-on with Beginning with Christ called Going on with Christ.

Follow-up: Growing as a Believer – Going on with Christ

This is the “next step” companion to Beginning with Christ. It contains 5 verse cards and relevant explanations for the maturing believer. This short booklet is for the 1:1 disciple meeting, small group discussions or even powerful sermon series. Includes verse cards in NIV and KJV printed on perforated card-stock for an individual to memorize, tear out and carry with them.

Memory verses include:

  1. Putting Christ First: Matthew 6:33
  2. His Strength: Philippians 4:13
  3. The Word: Psalm 119:11
  4. Love: John 13:34-35
  5. Giving: 2 Corinthians 9:7
  6. The Church: Psalm 122:1
  7. Good Works: Ephesians 2:10

Details Size: 3 3/4 x 5 3/8 / Cover: Booklet / 12 Pages with perforated Card Stock Memory Cards

To order go to Supplies (Free S/H) or Navpress

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