General Evangelism

Getting Started…

Like most things in life “getting started” is often the hardest. The wisest advice most of us received in school when it came to writing papers or reports was “just start writing”. It seemed ridiculous at the time but it is true. Much of life is often a matter of “just start…”.

Launching TheaXiomNetwork has been a blessing of joy and a bundle of challenges. Getting started has had its share of obstacles, technical issues, content problems, marketing challenges, etc. But, with an endeavor this ambitious, to change the world, it is expected to have its obstacles. However, it’s been a absolute labor of love. Many talented, gifted, passionate and spiritually mature men and women on the front lines of evangelism have encouraged, guided, coded and goaded us along the way. And, we are beyond thankful for their input. And, we hope it will continue.

Getting started with an outreach ministry either personally or in your church is also full of many of the same issues. How do we start? Who do we share with? When do we speak up? Where do we look for opportunities… It is my/our hope we can work with others who are interested in not just reaching out to those we live with and near or work with and share our lives with in some fashion.

I look forward to your insights, opinions and contribution…

But, the main thing for now is to…”get started”.