Ideas for Sharing


Sharing Road Swaps Publically

There are many ways to use your customized Road Swaps Template. Since its online on your own Church website we encourage you to present it from your projector as a sermon on Sunday morning once a quarter or so. This experience will not only allow visitors to hear the Gospel, some perhaps for the first time but equally important, members will see that its available on the Church website and that you endorse its use, they’ll see your commitment to sharing the Gospel and your passion for the lost and they’ll experience first hand how to present it clearly.

  • Quarterly from the Pulpit during Sunday Worship (Consider using the Scripture Verses Only Version)
  • Children and adult Sunday School classes
  • Evangelism Training Courses
  • Home Bible Studies
  • Men’s and Women’s Group Meetings
  • Retreats
  • Evening Services
  • Youth Groups including AWANATM
  • and others.Note: If you prefer to use the Road Swap’s inspiring and inspired verses and develop your own sermon around them with your own illustrations, transitions and conclusion then you have access to the Road Swaps Vss Template. This unique presentation is available as part of your Full Partner and Full Partner PLUS Account with your completed Registration.

Sharing Road Swaps Personally and Privately

This will then encourage others in your Church:

  • Knowing the Gospel is now available on your Church website they can use their phones, laptops and notepads
  • To meet with family and friends to “walk them through the Gospel”
  • To see an incredible opportunity to develop highly motivated individuals in your church to learn and grow in discipleship

Imagine how excited you and your Church would be to hear testimonies of faithful members sharing their own experiences
…And, because Road Swaps is “in the cloud” it can be used anywhere, anytime, by anybody

Silent Sentinel

The most obvious use of Road Swaps is to allow it to reside 24/7/365 on your Church website and allow the Holy Spirit to lead others there and confront them with the Gospel and their need to put their faith in Christ.

Would the unbelieving visitor to your Church last Sunday go to your Church website during the week to learn more about your ministry and upon discovering your Road Swaps Gospel discovers how they can come to salvation? Would a youth member on the verge of some life changing decision, good or bad, land on your Road Swaps page and find Christ there waiting for him or her? What other scenarios can you imagine that the Holy Spirit could use if your customized Road Swaps Gospel page was available around the world and around the clock?

As your trained “Evangelism Ministry” gets equipped for other evangelism opportunities in your Church and community they will be prepared for those individuals who, over time, “serendipitously” find (with the help of the Spirit, of course) your site, place their trust in Christ, attend your Church and become fruitful disciples in the Kingdom.

Help Others Catch Your Vision

We strongly urge you to offer other suggestions of past and projected uses of your Road Swaps Gospel Template. All comments are welcome. We may contact you to find out more details before posting them here. Please use our Contact Us page.