God's Plan & Online Decision Card

Dear Pastor and Church Leader,

If you agree that the gospel is the most important message we can tell people then how is it possible it’s not available on most church websites? Don’t believe me? Go to a hundred Bible believing Church websites and you may find one! It’s a question that has puzzled me for years. I sincerely believe this is an online crisis of lost opportunities that must be corrected immediately.

So, I developed “God’s Plan” Gospel Template, customizable specifically for your Church that gives you, as Pastor and others in your Church, the opportunity to interact with the person that visits your website and makes a decision for Christ and completes your ODC (Online Decision Card). Imagine the excitement that would cause in your ministry!

I designed it so you (or your webmaster) can quickly and easily add the Gospel to your church website with a simple Copy & Paste. And, I created a short video that shows step by step how, in less than five minutes, you can create an Online Evangelism Ministry to reach your community for Christ. You’ll find the link in the Menu above at Video 9’44” Installation. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Like you, my heart is to see people get saved, so I made it affordable; roughly $0.13 per day. I hope we agree it’s worth that (and much more) to see someone make a decision for Christ!

And, because it’s available 24/7/365 you, your Church leaders, Staff and Members (perhaps with some encouragement and simple training) can use it to lead friends and family to Christ as well. My pastor projects it up on the church wall and preaches through the Gospel during worship. As a result, several people have put their faith in Christ.

I sincerely hope you can see the eternal value of “God’s Plan” and in less than five minutes will take this opportunity to put the Gospel on your website!

Don’t forget to watch the Video 9’44” Installation in the menu above!

Click one of the links below to purchase! And please use the Contact page to let me know if you have any comments or questions.

For His sake,
Rev. Don Walley, Director

P.S. To test it yourself before purchasing be sure to go to the fully functional “God’s Plan” (Demo) Gospel Template in the menu above.

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