Amazing Stuff…

“This is some pretty amazing stuff! Within seconds, with a simple Copy & Paste, an aXiom “Partner” can create a world wide accessible, online evangelism ministry, customized specifically for your Church. Amazing!”

From FAQs

Doesn’t your vision exceed your ability?

Response: “Yes, in every way imaginable.”

A “Digital” Worldwide Crusade

“There’s probably not a better phrase to describe what aXiom has accomplished. It’s energized solely by the Holy Spirit and implemented by potentially millions of trained and motivated Christians in their local fellowships.  100,000 “Rays of Light” shining into nearly every home, every community and around the world, 24/7/365.”

The Question. It All Starts Here…

“What could be a more Biblical goal than tens of thousands of Churches proclaiming the Gospel in loving obedience to The Great Commission? What could be more obvious than incorporating the World “Wild” Web to help accomplish it?”

Migration or Miracles

“There is a limited number of Christians living in our communities today who will migrate from one fellowship to another. Some Churches haven’t seen anyone put their faith in Christ for Salvation through their own ministry in years! Isn’t it time we depend less on migration and more on the miracles of the Holy Spirit to fill our pews? Add the Gospel to your site and humbly wait to see what God does!”

Silent Sentinel

“Does your Church choose not to post the Gospel on your site because “relational evangelism” is de rigueur and any other approach is deemed too confrontational or ineffective. Has that exclusiveness enabled or encouraged your fellowship to fill the pews with new believers? When we study the lives of Jesus, Paul and their disciples we see they didn’t stress one “method” to the exclusion of others. Why should we?”

What aXiom is…

“The aXiom NetworkTM is focused 100% on the local church. aXiom creates a window into their community for pastors and churches to minister through relationships, prayer, community and more to those seeking Salvation. But, it also incentivizes the local congregation to become equipped to do so.”

The Impact? “Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web!

What aXiom is not

“The aXiom NetworkTM is not just about linking a customized Gospel presentation to your ministry’s website with a powerful Online Decision Card. It’s equally about relationships, disciple building, communication, personal and spiritual growth and much more.

aXiom is not an end but a means.”

From this day forward…

From this day forward, we will join with that handful of faithful ministries who provide the Gospel online and ask God to multiply that effort a thousand fold or more by providing the Gospel where it can have an even greater impact; namely, 100,000 local fellowships and the thousands of communities where they minister.”

Is It The Church’s Job?

“By its very ministry model TheaXiomNetwork encourages Churches to do “the work of the ministry” from within; to train and equip those who share the pews on Sundays, Bible Studies and Children’s Ministries and who are prepared to share their lives with others locally. The Church has responsibility for and control over those personal connections that draw those into your fellowship who complete your ODC (Online Decision Card).”

Join us to change the world

“If you currently offer your own version of the Gospel to your community and the world as part of your online ministry then we invite you to join the greatest dissemination of the Good News in the history of the Church. If you do not we offer you ours!”

If there is anything…

“The world likes to emphasize the differences in our faith. However, if there is anything 100,000 Churches would rally around, support and eagerly condone, surely it would be Gospel of Jesus Christ!”

Excuse or Opportunity?

“Beware! The irony about TheaXiomNetwork is that it makes it so easy to participate in evangelism, provides motivation to staff and members to be trained and to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit when He brings someone into our spiritual circle. But, while it makes it easy to do it also makes it harder not to!”

A four legged stool

“The aXiom Network’s effort is not just about providing the (1) Gospel online, and effective, (2) Biblical follow-up Tools and even about (3) Networking with other Churches on the largest online Church directory in the world. It is about providing tools to help advance the salvific ministry of (4) the Spirit combined with the efforts of 100,000 Churches to expand the Kingdom in a way never before possible in the history of the Church.