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Be a part of the largest online Church database on the web with nearly 130,000 churches.

With FREE Registration your Church will be available to all who want to find a local Church. As a Partner at TheaXiomNetwork your free listing will include a link to your website, the aXiom “100,000 Logo”, map, church size, pastor, available ministries and much more, for those looking for a church in your community.

But, USChurchInfo is also the “Network” component of TheaXiomNetwork. When someone who doesn’t live in your community lands on your page and makes a decision for Christ it now takes minutes to find an aXiom Church in their community to refer them to. Simply look up the town/city and state where they live and find a Church with the same aXiom Logo in their profile to determine they are like-minded about the Gospel and a fellow Partner at TheaXiomNetwork.

What’s the Last Thing the Person Sees (on Your Website) Before They Receive Salvation

To see how all this works you can visit our fictitious town of Axiom, PA to see what your profile will look like. Click the aXiom logo  that’s included as part of their profile to view their Road Swaps page.

There’s a high likelihood your Church is already listed so all you may need to do is update the information and within 2 business you’ll be approved.

Note! Churches are not added automatically because of spam, etc. It typically takes 2 or 3 business days to confirm your information. Be sure to check back to confirm your profile is correct.

To register for free, go to

 Look for the aXiom Logo as part of your USChurchInfo profile.

Your Church must be registered at both TheaXiomNetwork and USChurchInfo to display the aXiom Logo.