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Schedule your Widget Installation appointment below. Our professional installers will create your Online Evangelism Ministry in minutes. Your Installation should take less than an hour. However, the time allows time to include log in, introductions, discuss installation, become familiar with

Four types of digital platforms for viewing God's Plan including desktop, laptop, notepad and smart phone.
With a simple Copy & Paste your Church can create an Online Evangelism Ministry in minutes. Schedule a Free Installation appointment below to get started.

your site, etc. But, the actual installation takes seconds.

We will contact you via phone (the one you provided when you made an appointment) and Invite you to log into our screen via Go to Meeting. (Note: You do not need any special software but you will need to be sitting at your computer; eg. laptop or desktop-not phone).

Before we meet it will be helpful if you log into your aXiom “My Account” page so we can access your widget and log into your website onscreen. See the whole process here. At that point, we will create a new Menu item with your choice of label text and Copy and Paste your widget. Done! It really does only take seconds to start your new Online Evangelism Ministry.

For more information see available CMS platforms we install to. (If yours is not listed just let us know when you book your appointment and we’ll add it to our CMS list in time to do your Install.)

We’re excited to meet you…