4-2-1-3 Steps

Sharing Road Swaps Offline

By now you have many ideas you can use to share Road Swaps “Online” but knowing how to use your church’s customizable Road Swaps Gospel presentation “offline” can be a powerful way to share our Hope with friends and family.

It just takes a little effort but your disciples will have a tool they can carry with them anywhere, anytime and make a profound impact in the lives of others and the Kingdom.

Encourage members to use Road Swaps “offline” as well in case they can’t acess your Church’s website. Easy peezy…

  1. Four Scriptural Ps (Principles) of the Gospel. Just remember: God’s Plan, Our Problem, God’s Provision, Our RePly
  2. Two Verses: Memorize one or two Scripture references (or memorize the whole verse if possible) from each “P” in step 1.
  3. One Explanation: Use the descriptions/explanations from our Road Swaps presentation or develop their own
  4. Three Questions: Ask-
  • “Does this make sense?” Be prepared to answer 3-4 basic questions.
  • “Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to receive Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ?”
  • “May I say a simple prayer to express to God your decision and have you follow along out loud?”

Before departing: Pray, Assure, Encourage, Invite


  • Passion, compassion and obedience will be required to trust God to tell others the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Practice alone and attempt to “perfect” your presentation so it flows naturally but be flexible in your responses
  • Partner with someone else learning 4-2-1-3 and work through various scenarios and how you would present and respond
  • Pray! Not much good will come from a dedication to helping others find Salvation if we’re not going to the Lord before, during and after sharing.

Note: Pastor, this is your opportunity to train those in your fellowship who want to learn to share their faith. The suggested outline is very simple with several mnemonic helps to make it easy to use. Please Contact Us if we can be any help.


Follow-up & Disciplemaking