For a Bible believing pastor to ignore the world wide reach, the extraordinary convenience and the low cost accessibility of spreading the Gospel online would be similar to ignoring the far less accessible, incredible cost […]

How is it possible the birth of the internet occurred in 1969 and still after 50 years those most responsible for proclaiming the Gospel and by far the most numerous, accessible and passionate, are not […]

“This ambitious endeavor is nothing short of the greatest mobilization of Churches in history who are committed to the proposition that the world should have, and they must be the ones to provide, online, universal access to the […]

“We can’t speak for how, when or where the Spirit moves. We can guarantee that if your Church website doesn’t include the Gospel there is one less opportunity for you, your Church and a lost […]

“Simple question. If Jesus was in charge of your website would He include the Gospel?” TheaXiomNetwork: Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web

“It appears the Church ceded the world “wild” web to the Evil One long ago. And, no, potluck details, Home Bible Studies and “Men’s Saturday Prayer Breakfasts” do not count as reaching the Lost online. They need a spiritual Life-Line to […]

“100,000 Churches with the Gospel on their websites? You must be kidding! When was the last time 100,000 Churches joined any effort to fulfill the Great Commission? Are you serious?” Yep! Nope! Never! Yep! TheaXiomNetwork: Changing […]

“Did you know that most people in your Church would be shocked to realize that you do not offer the Gospel on your Church’s website? We ask them all the time and most are mystified and bewildered. Ask them and tell them […]

“We believe it would be a lost opportunity of cataclysmic proportions if thousands of Churches fail to incorporate into their online ministry the very reason they exist, namely, to make disciples; starting with offering eternal […]

“You say the Gospel is your raison d’etre. So, here’s a challenge; spend one hour or 2 hours or 12 hours and find ten churches that include the Gospel online for the Spirit to guide Seekers […]