“The sad irony is that parachurch organizations have the Gospel available on their websites they assiduously have to be creative to effectively enter the lives of seekers to impact the Kingdom often at seemingly impossible […]

“Every Pastor and Church Leader should ask themselves, ‘Why DON’T we have the Gospel on our website”? And, if they don’t then their members SHOULD!” TheaXiomNetwork: Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web

“With your website the world can ‘virtually’ see inside your Church. Why not make it possible for them to see not only information about potlucks, youth groups and service times but also the Gospel of salvation? They […]

“Not since Gutenberg has the command to, ‘Go into (all) the world…’ been so close to a reality; that for the first time since the Fall making the Message of Eternal Life available throughout the […]

“Good news! “Facebook leads the way among social media outlets when it comes to evangelism on digital platforms, according to a Barna Group report released on June 26 (2018)…Sadly, this makes the Church largely dependent […]

Be a part of an online revolution and transform the world “wild” web into a place where Christ is preeminent. Christians have been sequestered in our own little online corner long enough. Join us in creating […]

“Out of over 7,000,000 search results from the keywords “Online Evangelism” not a single approach that we could find toward reaching the lost starts with the local Church. All of them, every single one of them, are outside […]

“Ministry disruption? Evangelistically radical? Personally empowering? Check! Check! Check!” TheaXiomNetwork: Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web

“The Church’s online ministry and providing access to the Gospel: How can something so glaringly obvious and necessary to some, be simultaneously, so radical and extreme to others?” TheaXiomNetwork: Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web

“A Digital Worldwide Crusade! There’s probably not a better phrase to describe what aXiom has accomplished. It’s energized solely by the Holy Spirit and implemented by potentially millions of trained and motivated Christians in their local fellowships.  100,000 “Rays of Light” shining […]