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Goals of The aXiom NetworkTM

100,000 Churches Flooding the Internet with the Gospel!

What could be a more Biblical goal than tens of thousands of Churches proclaiming the Gospel in obedience to The Great Commission? What could be more obvious than incorporating the World “Wild” Web to accomplish it? The Goal of The aXiom NetworkTM and its member Churches is to create a national network of 100,000 Churches that are committed to an online proclamation of God’s offer of Eternal Life through Jesus Christ by the end of 2022. Potential members typically view the web as an inevitable and urgent opportunity to introduce the promise of Salvation to all. We call this national outreach group The aXiom Network.TM (See how easy it is to reach your community with the Gospel at Video 9’44”).

A Complete Online Evangelism Solution

It’s Time! Inspired Tools combined with Worldwide Availability…Brilliant!

Three things in particular make this massive, prayerful effort unique. We explain it as “TheaXiomNetwork: Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web”!

  1. Changing Hearts: Engaging the Online Seeker An attractive, intelligent and Biblical Gospel presentation engages those surfing the web for spiritual succor and a Biblical layout of God’s Plan, Their Problem, God’s Provision and Their RePly explains the way to Eternal Life . Your customizable Road Swaps Gospel Template page with the Online Decision Card complements your Church’s website.
  2. Growing Churches: Incorporating the Local Church The aXiom Network stresses the centrality of the local church for follow up, discipleship and, if necessary, refer those who make decisions for Christ. We provide the secure tool for Seekers to contact you with their decision to receive Christ or request more information.
  3. Transforming the Web: A Movement Moving toward fulfilling the Great Commission with online evangelism as a key component deserves and requires an “all hands” approach. We invite you to join us in believing and praying for God to bring 100,000 U.S. Churches onboard to begin the process of claiming the internet for the Gospel. The Gospel has been practically invisible online. Our desire is to assist your Church and the Holy Spirit in “Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web”!

Minister Locally, Nationally and Globally…simultaneously with TheaXiomNetwork

With more than 14,000,000 individuals (2012) going online weekly looking for spritual help of all kinds the odds of them finding salvation from the online ministry of Churches currently is slim indeed. How is it possible that the very people who represent Christ on earth fail to use the most ubiquitously available evangelistic tool in history for spreading the Gospel. With 100,000 Churches with the Gospel to point Seekers to Christ the odds increase considerably. Be sure to watch our Video 9’44” to see how easy it is to install your customizable Road Swaps Gospel Template.

Our desire is to help make it possible for Churches to be faithful to their Calling, be more effective at its Purpose (Matthew 28:18-20) and trust the results to God. We sincerely hope you’ll join us and thousands of others who are committed to “Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web”TM.
In His Name and for His Glory Alone,
Director, The aXiom NetworkTM

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